Are you a crafter, an artist or a designer who is looking to sell your handmade crafts and make some extra money on the side? Discover why Etsy is your best solution and how to sell your crafts online on Etsy!

More and more crafters, artists, and designers are seeing the benefits of being able to sell their handmade crafts or art pieces online. While this can be a common strategy, especially since the internet has been around us for quite some time now, there hasn’t been an appropriate place to be able to sell your crafts online. At least not before June 2005, when Etsy was introduced.

Before Etsy, there was eBay which is a popular website for buying and selling crafts online, but if you are an artist, you’ll probably know that eBay is badly designed from an aesthetic point of you and this make it hard to get noticed here. This is one of the reasons why Etsy gain so much attention, it is a platform that allows anyone to open a shop, design the shop, list handmade crafts or art pieces, and start selling. It is up to you to determine your success on Etsy and not up to the Etsy’s team.

Today, Etsy is a large community, with millions of amazing artists and crafters who are selling their handmade crafts and art pieces online. The platform is user-friendly, easy-to-use, organized, and has forums, various communication tools, discussion groups, and virtual labs where you can discover lots of helpful information including how to create certain things, how to sell your handmade crafts, and etc.

Opening an Etsy shop is quite easy and the best thing is that you can manage like your own small business. Having an Etsy shop is not a joke, especially if you are determined enough to become a successful seller, establish an online brand, attract customers from all over the world, and make some extra money on the side.

Even though Etsy charges a small listing fee or 20 cents per product it is still the most affordable platform in the industry when compared to Amazon or eBay.

Etsy can be an ideal place for you if you are interested in presenting your creativity, talent, and skills to create amazing handmade crafts and you are looking to sell those crafts online.

So, are you ready to start?