Are you interested in selling handmade items on Etsy? Can anyone sell on Etsy? How much does selling on Etsy actually costs? Get all answers here!

When compared to other similar websites, Etsy is relatively affordable. Opening an Etsy shop is free of charge, you only need a valid credit card for the billing fees when listing a product and when the product is sold. Unlike other similar stores that charge a flat per month just to have your own online shop, Etsy does not.

As we said, Etsy only charges a small listing fee or $0.20 per product for four months (or $0.05 per product per month). In this price, five available photo positions are available, so make sure to use all of them. If you want to list more than one product, keep in mind that you should pay 20 cents per each product. Besides the small listing fee, there is a selling fee as well. The selling fee is 3.5% of the product’s price and you have to pay this fee only if your product sells.

If you compare these fees with the fees of some other similar websites such as Amazon or eBay you will discover that Etsy has the lowest fees in the industry and that the website is actually pretty simple to use. You don’t need any HTML knowledge or experience in order to open an Etsy shop, design it, and start listing the products.

The Etsy community is extremely supportive, so if you have any questions or concerns you can always get it touch with the Etsy team and they will help you gladly. Besides, you can communicate with other sellers, share tips and advice, they can help you promote your shop and your products and involve you in the Etsy world.

The other fees are for optional services for marketing and promotion. You can use these options if you want to market your shop and increase your sales. This is a great way for you to attract new customers to your shop and be a step ahead of your competitors. These options are recommendable to use once you’ll have more experience with selling on Etsy.

If the product you’ve listed doesn’t sell during the four months, you can choose to relist it again which will cost you 20 cents more.

For additional information and details, check the official Etsy website!